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Simply Feeds LLC is pleased to announce a new pricing structure to better serve you. Along with our discounted pricing on bulk (not bagged) purchases of 100lbs or more we will now offer a 5% discount on your order of 1 ton (2000lbs) or more in bulk purchase. This offer is good on single product purchase of 1 ton or more, not a total weight of your purchase of various feeds. This means you could potentially save up to 7% on your order with our Returning Customer discount of 2% already in place.

In our short tenure of taking on this challenge we have really enjoyed the positive feedback and suggestions. Please keep the comments coming as we continue to improve our customer relations and experiences.


New ownership was finally completed.  New owners are Aaron and Elizabeth Zink.  As of now pick up location will stay the same until the barn at the new location is completed which will be about 1 mile down the road.  All orders can be placed by calling Aaron at 937-620-5373.


Fertrell mineral packs and whole roasted soybeans now used in our feeds.  There is a slight increase in price due to the better ingredients.  First batch of swine feed was a wonderful success.  I got a report back from the buyer of the feed saying that his hogs ate every bit of the feed that was put in front of them.  He stated that prior feed from a large box store, they would only eat about 2/3 of the feed in the pan and then come back later to finish the rest.  He said there was an obvious difference in how they ate the feed. 

There is considerably less amounts of dust and the smell of the feed is amazing.  Fresh nutty smell that almost makes you want to eat a handful yourself.  The whole roasted beans actually taste great.  Our 5yo daughter ate one and then went back for more when I was not looking. We hope that you will give us a try to see the results for yourself. 

Benefits from the Fertrell products:  Sourced from the USA whenever possible and formulated to be highly digestible and absorbed by the animal and they are organic. Benefits from using whole roasted soybeans:  The fat stays in the feed making it a higher energy and more palatable feed.


The barn is almost complete.  We should have everything moved over in the next week or 2 and will be making feed at our farm.  We are only a couple minutes from the old location on the same street.  We are just east of Diamond Mill.



The barn is done! The barn is done!  The barn is done!


After weeks of pulling my hair out we finally came up with new pricing using the new and improved ingredients.  The feed is so different from the last.  Considerably less dusty and the feed smells amazing.  Our daughter likes to come out and eat the roasted beans straight form the 1500lb bag.  Its nice to be able to have my kids around this feed and not have to worry about chemicals and medications that are added to most feeds.


Been awhile since last posting.  We moved, again.  Now in Clayton by Northmont HS and minutes from I-70.  Still making excellent nonGMO feed.  Getting great reviews from customer. 

-- increased milk production in goats

-- coat quality in both cattle and goat has greatly improved

-- help bring a rescued goat from almost certain death (OSU vets amazed)

-- helped a goat with constant diarrhea start having solid poop (been to OSU several times throughout a year and they were not able to fix the problem)

-- late born fair pigs got to weight while others did not

-- much better shell quality in eggs and better looking yolks

-- great feed conversion in both meat chickens (average 4.5 lbs in 7 weeks) and hogs

-- pigs would not eat cheap store bought feed after they were switched to ours and chickens started eating the pigs feed instead of their own feed

-- "chickens were going to neighbors house and eating your feed so we decided we needed to start using yours"


Proud to now be using Fertrell mineral packs.  We are also using whole roasted soybeans to create a better all around feed.  Using recipes from designed by Fertrell nutritionist means better feed conversions, less feed wastes, better weight gains and overall better health for your animals.  We grind to order to keep the feed fresh.  We do not let it sit around for weeks or months. We can typically have your order ready in a few days.